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Profitable Growth


Strategic alliance

To jointly explore resources and networks and achieve synergies which enhance operational efficiency as well as new business opportunities, Den Hartogh entered a strategic alliance with South-Korean company Daelim Co in 2023. Daelim specialises in providing petrochemical products, logistics and shipping. This milestone marks a significant step in our future collaboration not only in ISO Tank logistics services, but also worldwide chemical supply chain solutions.


We strengthened our global network with the opening of brand-new offices in Jakarta and Surabaya, and we will continue expanding our domestic and regional presence in Indonesia serving the Polymer industry.

Workday was implemented, an all-in-one system that integrates People & Culture processes. It simplifies job categorisation, team structures and career growth while offering real-time data and analytics for managers, user-friendly self-service for employees and improved data management. This transition enhances our capabilities in analytics, cultivates employee experiences and provides more in-depth insights into our workforce.

New driver communication software has been developed to improve and enhance the communication process, giving drivers more accurate action-based instructions and a better workflow. Mission Planner has been implemented in close to 50% of our European trucks by the end of 2023. Implementation in the remaining European trucks within the scope of the project will take place in early 2024.

We have continued to invest in digitisation to advance our journey of positioning Den Hartogh as a strategic differentiator and to facilitate Den Hartogh’s Roadmap to SPECE.


Our supply chain visibility portal has been upgraded to share relevant shipment information in real time. Replacement of our transportation management system (TMS) transitioned Den Hartogh to a more adaptive hub-and-spoke architecture.


To improve communication with all non-office colleagues, we have invested in a modern employee app. Den Hartogh Inside, powered by Speakap, now connects our frontline and office workforce.

Digital investments

Almost every quarter we received new T-75 cryogenic tank containers which were almost immediately sold-out again

Refurbished containers

In 2023,
the total


€ 59 million

The current decrease in demand and increased supply of tank containers in the market provides the industry with a challenge in right-sizing their fleets. This always has been a focus for Den Hartogh, however, one it will continue to focus on in 2024 and beyond.

We have also invested in our existing fleet by remanufacturing. We continued our container refurbishment programme as reusing materials is part of our sustainability initiatives.

Total investments nearly reached €59 million in 2023, slightly lower than the previous year, which is in line with market conditions. We invested in our fleet, the vast part being investments in new equipment to support Den Hartogh’s growth pipeline:


The drop in demand did result in lower utilisation rates for our tank containers. We invested in new-build tank containers for the business units Liquid Logistics and Global Logistics and reduced part of our rental fleet, resulting in a slight decrease in our overall fleet size.


We continued to place orders for T-75 gas tanks, and have ordered almost 800 new 30ft dry bulk containers which will bring our total 30ft fleet to 5,000 upon delivery. As well as adding additional 20ft bulk containers to the APAC region, we have also developed 40ft bulk units which, in addition to operating domestically, can be easily shipped and railed within the region.